Jul 24, 2015

Tips on Making Handmade Birthday Party Invitation Cards for Boys and Girls

Robot Card 1
 I wanted to do a special post on cards for kids birthday parties and handmade invitations.  Sometimes it can be so hard to come up with ideas for these "themed" parties, especially when they are very childish.  My general plan is to purchase a sheet or two of cute paper and use shapes and deliberate cutting to make the most of it.  Trust me and don't buy a whole collection for a few invitations.  The kids will grow out of the theme before you can use it all!  The above card was made by cutting a shaped card (freehand) and layering some regular paper along with cutouts from the kids paper and label tape.  Viola!  Simple, but quite cute!
Robot Card 2
 This card was made with the paper as a background and simple layering.  Cutting out a few stars really made a punch on this robot themed invitation.
Cupcake Card 1
 This card was made with Basic Grey paper and stamps.  Very simple and cute for a little girl.
Monkey Card 1
  Here I used a journal block stamp to write the details of the party.  The monkey was from a baby set that I bought for birth announcements, but worked great for a sleepover themed card.  Notice this paper wasn't childish, something already in my stash.
One Year Old Card
 This card is from that same baby set, used for a 1 year old party invitation.  To make this card easier, I layered the stamps on different colors and cut out loosely.  Made it much easier to make in multiples.
Owls Card 1
 This card was for one of my girls towards the end of elementary school.  I embossed a row of Hero Arts owl stamps and cut out little party hats for them to wear.  FUN!
Monster Card with Stars
Lastly, my favorite invitation.  I layered several pieces of thick cardboard to really make this star pop.  I freehanded the star and added doodles along the edges of the cuts.  More cute paper and label tape really finish the look.  My son is about to turn 12 and I need a more grown up invitation for his party next month.  Any ideas?  He loves video games!  


Linda Manning Findley said...

Autumn these are all great ... bet the kids love them ...

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