Jan 4, 2021

Stamperia Arctic Antarctic Cards



Hi friends and happy New Year to you!  I enjoyed a wonderful long weekend with crafting with my mom, who so graciously bought me a pack of 12x12" Stamperia Arctic Antarctic scrapbook paper for our cardmaking day together. We spent New Year's Day and the day after working together on these and I wanted to share the results with you. 

We specifically chose the winter elements for our cards, saving the whales for another summer session, in which we hope to make a small book. 

It's always hard to show the dimension on collage style cards through a photo, but here is a close up so you can see those wonderful tatty layers, covered in Stampendous Shaved Ice.  The trick is to dip a paint brush into matte Mod Podge, then dip into the "snow" and brush onto your pieces.

These words are from my free printable Christmas word collection found on THIS post. 

I hope these cards having inspired you to stay creative this winter.  This fall my mom and I made some cards with the Stamperia 8x8" Forest Paper Pack and I never got around to sharing them, so I will try to add a new post with those soon.  Wishing a blessed 2021 my friends!  Hugs, Autumn

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Darlene said...

OH WOW these are just AWESOME my friend! Each one so unique and beautiful! How blessed you are to have your mom there with you to craft ... treasure each moment you have together (as I'm sure you do). Thanks for amazing inspiration! Happy New Year!!

ScrappyHorses said...

These are so gorgeous!!

├čeulah ├čee said...

Very nice!

Linda Simmons said...

The paper was gorgeous, and there was SO much you could do it SO much of it!!! Well worth the price. And our wonderful artsy weekend together, well, it was just priceless! My sweet Autumn does amazing work. The best part of all was being together for two days and enjoying it all. Love you so much, Autumn, and love your creativity!

Donna said...

These cards are absolutely gorgeous, great papers from your mom!

LauraVi said...

Love the contrast between the cold blue and the warm lovely pictures: so beautiful!

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh what a privilege to be able to craft with your Mother - something I was deigned as my Mum died young - when I was only in my mid-twenties.
Loving the outcome - these cards are amazing.
Stay safe

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