Jan 21, 2021

Free Vintage Alphabet Printables and December Daily Part 3


(I completely forgot to publish this post somehow, but here goes...)  

Hello friends!  I'm back with Part Three of my December Daily.  In case you missed it, HERE is a link to Part One and HERE is a link to Part Two.  I have to say, this was a very daunting project for me.  Just like you, December is very busy for me!  I've started DD in the past and never kept up with it, but this year I really wanted to savor the time with my family and seek out opportunities to make memories.  And I actually journaled until January 1! To celebrate, I have another free printable download for you, this set of Vintage Alphabets you can download as a photo HERE or as a PDF file HERE

I used tons of printables from my saved Pinterest board HERE.  Some of them I printed onto sheets of printable adhesive washi paper.  It's my new favorite thing!  The trick (for Americans) is to set your paper size to A4 on both your document to print AND the printer.

And of course, I used lots more printed vellum.  I printed loads of the ephemera from the Antiquity Add On Kit by Junk With Steph on Etsy.

For this page I was in a hurry and used stickers from the Antiquarian Sticker Book.  This book is so very cool for collage lovers!

I love adding window pages.  I strengthen them with a washi tape surround.


I love the hidden pockets and flaps to reveal more personal things, like holiday photos.  Here of my girl on her 21st birthday brunch.  <3

My New Year's Eve spread was probably my favorite, using a free printable Audubon plate from the (John James) Audubon Society's website.

And this one with journaling about my craft days with my mom over break. 

My finished cover!  I didn't let myself use my new wax seal kit until my December Daily was complete and my reward was to add a seal to the cover. 

Even though I print my images onto thin copy paper, there is some girth to my traveler's journal insert, so I found this gorgeous vintage velvet ribbon to add as a closure to my cover.  I hope you've enjoyed these pages and are inspired to do some journaling of your own.  Hugs, Autumn


Unknown said...

What a great beautiful deep work! I hope next year to follow your inspiration!

Jane Elizabeth France said...

Beautiful, what a treasure to keep and hand down. X

Linda Simmons said...

Great work in your cool journal!!! I have LOVED getting to spend time together with my girl and look forward to more of this in 2021. Valentine cards are on the agenda. Love you so much!

Jan said...

Lovely journal! Thank you for sharing the alphabet.

Linda Manning Findley said...

as always your work is so outstanding ... big hugs, take care

Sandy said...

Thank you for sharing your work.

Vicki said...

Wow, this is amazing, Autumn! The amount of journaling that you've added to this entire DD is spectacular. I've started these so many times, but never finished one. This was a great year to "get it done". I love the memories and special moments you've captured on paper. This will be a great read in years to come.

JaniceO said...

Love this look at a complete journal writing around the images. It's a lovely idea rather than just a page of writing. A blank page can be so intimidating to a would be journaler.

kiwimeskreations said...

What a wonderful project, and a lot of work there Autumn - love the old fashioned Christmas theme you kept going right through, wth all the added pockets and flaps
Stay safe

AGravette said...

Thank you so much!

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